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*** UPDATE***
Friendship Fountain is Back!!

Click for the first Pictures of the Refurbished Fountain

Click here for construction photos.

Click here for an Update from the Times Union

Times Union Article, March 28, 2001
Reprinted April 3, 2001

With the move to our own domain, I have decided to provide more information about Jacksonville.  I hope that you find the information useful and "The Fountain" as beautiful as I do.

Two brand new pictures of Downtown Jacksonville
August, 2001 with full size images available for download
Click Here

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"Treaty Oak Park"

New: Virtual Tour of 
"The South Bank River Walk"

Enjoy your visit.
'The Fountain' in full operation !
For directions to "Friendship Fountain"
Click HERE

Jacksonville, Florida, has been my home since 1971, and I have found this to be one of the most wonderful cities that I have ever had the pleasure of visiting or living in.  Jacksonville has a wealth of beautiful sights, from the beaches to the east, to the wild wilderness to the west.  In between is a beautiful city that is slowly being reborn.  Whatever the lifestyle your looking for, Jacksonville has it.  You can choose the quiet rural life on the far westside and northside, or the laid back  atmosphere of the beaches. There's also the more hectic upscale life in Baymeadows or Mandarin, and now with the revival of the inner city, there is the traditional close living in a city atmosphere.  Now see one of the most beautiful sites in this "Bold New City Of The South".
Start with some pictures of one of the most awesome sights in Jacksonville, "The Fountain", completed in 1965, and at the time the world's largest fountain. This is a shot of the center ring that can fire columns of water over 65 feet in the air.  "Friendship Fountain" is a focal point of the Southbank, with busloads of school children eating lunch at its side after visiting the " Museum of Science & History ". "During the Fourth of July and New Year's Eve celebrations, the fountain serves as the best gathering point to view Jacksonville's spectacular fireworks." For directions click here

The southbank is also home to the "Riverwalk" a 2.5 mile long wooden walkway that stretches from "River City Brewing Company" to "Crawdaddy's" a top notch restaurant, passing other notable features such as.......

"The Jacksonville Maritime Museum Society", 
"The Hilton" and "The Charthouse" . 

The "RiverWalk" also is the scene of summer festivals such as a the Sea Walk Festival.  "The Fountain" is what has always drawn my attention though.....

See our NEW "Virtual Tour" of the South Bank River Walk, HERE!

The Center Ring !
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View from The Jacksonville Landing
Here is a shot from the opposite side of the river.
 Show me more pictures !
Note: If you have a picture that you feel would be appropriate 
for these pages, or a link please feel free to e-mail me.

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