#FriendshipFountain Schedule Update

I received an email from Rick Sawyer, Park Maintenance Superintendent, City of Jacksonville, this morning with just an update on the scheduling for the Fountain, which remains basically the same for the foreseeable future.

The basic Friendship Fountain hours of operation are scheduled as follows:

Fountain Water Feature: 9:00 AM ET to Midnight Daily 7 days a week.

Ambient Light Program starts: 4:15 PM ET to Midnight daily.

At the present time the Fountain is basically set on Low (as far as height of the Water streams) due to changing wind and potential freezing conditions.

Again Rick would appreciate any information from the public if you should note any irregularity in the Fountain Operations so they can continue to identify any issues.

Just drop a line here and I will pass them on…

Also I had the opportunity to get down to Friendship Fountain On Feb 4 and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the overall condition of the Park.

It appeared to be well maintained and the grass doing very well on the South, North and East sides of the Fountain and the West side, which takes the brunt of traffic and water overspray appeared to be recovering compared to a visit a month earlier…

I was there during the Free River tours given by The Jacksonville Water Taxi and there were about a 100 or more folks lined up for the rides while I was there, was very nice seeing the number of folks. Also watching the kids running and playing on the grass surfaces of Friendship Fountain Park just makes me realize what an improvement the Renovations last year made…

I want to pass on my Thanks to Rick for keeping us updated, what a welcome change 😉

Till next time, Bob

#FriendshipFountain Update – Hours & More

I have received many inquiries over the last month or so regarding the Hours of Operation for Friendship Fountain and today I received an email from Rick Sawyer who is now supervising Operations of Friendship Fountain.

Some background first… Apparently the programming for the Fountain is still experiencing some glitches and requires resetting occasionally which has disrupted the routine hours for the Fountain Operations however they have been working with the Contractor to sort those out.

The basic Friendship Fountain hours of operation are scheduled as follows:

Fountain Water Feature: 9:00 AM ET to Midnight Daily 7 days a week. (Note that the water is regulated to reduce overspray based on wind speed)

Outside Lighting: 6:00 PM ET to 7:00 AM ET

Inside Fountain Lighting: 4:15 PM ET to Midnight daily. (The early start is to allow for manual check to ensure programming is running)

Additional notes: During the winter months the water height is further regulated based on the possibility of freezing temps to prevent water spray from affecting the Main Street bridge.

Rick would appreciate any information from the public if you should note any irregularity in the Fountain Operations so they can continue to identify any issues.

Just drop a line here and I will pass them on…

Till next time, Bob

#FriendshipFountain Holiday Music Program – Corrected

I had originally posted that the Friendship Fountain Holiday program would be playing starting on Nov 7, 2011 however I miss understood the schedule sent to me and today I received clarification with the corrected information.

The Holiday Music program will run from Nov 23, 2011 December 31, 2011

My apologies to everyone for the incorrect earlier dates and any inconvenience…


#FriendshipFountain Holiday Music Program


I received an email from Lloyd Fountain, Chief of Public Buildings, this morning indicating that the Friendship Fountain Holiday Program would start running on Nov 23, 2011.

Patriotic program Schedule:
November 7, 2011 – November 14, 2011

Holiday program Schedule:
November 23, 2011 – December 31, 2011

Lloyd did not indicate times however I would assume (that usually gets me in trouble) that the times would be similar to the Patriotic Program:

12:00 – 12:30 PM Music program
5:30 – 6:00 PM Music program
8:00 – 10:30 PM Music program

I sure would appreciate anyone that gets by the Fountain in the next few days to let us know if those times are accurate as well as your thoughts regarding the program..

Thanks to Lloyd Fountain and Eric Lindstrom, JEDC, for keeping us updated.

Until next time,

Sophia’s Letter to #FriendshipFountain

I often get asked why do I spend my time and money running the JaxFountain web site, what do I get out of it,
well here is one reason…

I got a tweet from a Mom asking what address she could send a Letter to Friendship Fountain. Seems this was a physical letter from her 4 year old Daughter Sophia.
Well Friendship Fountain has an address but I doubt they deliver any mail there as it doesn’t have on site staff. I suggested the Mayor’s Office would be appropriate.

Mom related the following to me…

Sophia was singing “Proud to be an American” the other day and asked when we could go back to Friendship Fountain.
She was upset when I told her that the fountain no longer has music, but was very excited when I explained that the music is coming back at Christmas.

Below is a shot of the Letter being sent to the Mayor and Mom provided the following translation.
Remember Sophia is only 4 years old.

“We like the music. I can’t wait until Christmas. Dear Friendship Fountain.”

Well I sure hope the Mayor gets the letter but I would like to personally Thank Sophia for taking the time to let us know she likes Friendship Fountain and hope she gets to visit again very soon.

And Sophia, you keep right on singing “Proud to be an American”

Thanks Sophia,

#FriendshipFountain – 12th Annual Lights On Afterschool celebration

Jacksonville will be celebrating the 12th Annual Lights On Afterschool celebration with a walk along the Southbank and ending with a rally at Friendship Fountain.

Courtesy of The Examiner

The event will take place on Thursday, October 20 from 4:30-6 p.m. The students will begin walking from the Chart House at 4:15 p.m., go along the Southbank Riverwalk, and culminate at Friendship Fountain at 4:30 p.m., where the program will take place.

Learn more about the Lights On Afterschool program here:

Even more information HERE!

Support Education, our Kids and Jacksonville!


Downtown Jacksonville Gets New Center Piece

The former Modis building (formerly AccuStaff and Independent Life Building), directly across the St. John’s River from Friendship Fountain, has been renamed and the new signage was lifted into place on Sunday Oct 25, 2011.

Welcome the “Wells Fargo” Building.

I also got a Video of the “F” and “W” letters being positioned on the Building.

More images of the Letters being hung as well as the new Jacksonville Skyline can be viewed here:

I will be posting up some additional new pictures of the Fountain, with some rising sun views, in the next day or so as well as an additional post regarding the current issues with Friendship Fountain.

Until then,

#FriendshipFountain Christmas program and More News

Last night the Christmas Program was run through (so if you were downtown and swore you heard White Christmas or Blue Christmas, you did)…

Some videos of the program can be seen in my YouTube Channel and below is one segment I particularly liked, it ROCKED!

As has been the case each evening I have been to the Fountain there was never less than 20 or more people there and there was even a family having a late picnic at 8:30 PM last night 🙂

Oh as I noted in the subject there is more News regarding the Fountain. Eric Lindstrom with the JEDC let me know yesterday that they will be adding a Pergola to the east side of the Fountain, as indicated in the below construction draft.

Also they are discussing painting both the outside wall of the Fountain and the Pumphouse to match the new Columns color scheme, which would really spruce that up.

AND we are not done yet… An additional 10 song “Downtown” themed Music and Light Program is going to be created.

Eric also provided me with this general daily schedule for the Fountain for the foreseeable future.

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM Daytime Ambient Program (Water only)
12:00 PM – Patriotic Soundtrack / Water
12:35 PM – 5:30 PM – Daytime Ambient Program (Water only)
5:30 PM – 6:00 PM Patriotic Siuntrack / Water
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Daytime Ambient program (Water only)
8:00 PM – 10:20 PM Patriotic Soundtrack (Lights/Music/Water) On Loop
10:20 PM – 12:00 AM Ambient Night Program (Lights/Water)
12:01 AM – Fountain Off

I got to see a portion of the Night Ambient program last night and it is impressive all by itself…

Remember folks any pictures you take at the Fountain you are welcome to submit them to be included in the Friendship Fountain Gallery.

Till next time,

#FriendshipFountain Nightly Light and Music Show

Phil, a Friend of #FriendshipFountain, let us know that on Tuesday night, (Jun 21) there was no Sound and Light show, at least between 8:45 PM and 9:30 PM and he obviously was disappointed, especially since he had some out of town visitors with him…

I contacted the City of Jacksonville Keyholders for the Fountain and Renovation project and received this back from Eric Lindstrom…

Bob: There are some software glitches that are being worked out. My understanding is the problem should be worked out by now. As with anything new, initial problems do arise. My apologies to the folks who missed the show Tuesday night. I’m hopeful they will understand and return again as, as you know, the show will be worth a return visit.

Thanks for bringing their issue to my attention.

Eric Lindstrom
Redevelopment Manager

I want to thank Eric for his prompt attention to this, response received within 40 minutes of my initial email to Eric and others, and hopefully any glitches have all been worked out.

Also as Eric mentioned

“as you know, the show will be worth a return visit.”

Absolutely worth a second, third and more, trips. Folks if you haven’t seen the Friendship Fountain Patriotic Sound and light Show in person you just can’t imagine how impressive it is…

I also want to thank Phil for his concern and taking the time to bring this to our attention, this is just the type of Community involvement we need in the City of Jacksonville, both to ensure our Elected Officials and City Employees are taking care of business but also to demonstrate that people do pay attention and if we had more Phil’s possibly other areas would have more needed attention paid to them.

Remember you can drop an email to us here at JaxFountain.com at anytime and we will always answer those messages and also do our best to get answers if needed from those responsible…

Till next time,

#FriendshipFountain Grand Reopening – June 18, 2011

Wow what a busy day Saturday turned out to be…

Arrived at the Fountain around 8:15 AM and a number of people were already there and more kept coming. First thing noticed was the new roundabout as you approached the Fountain, very nicely done.

By the time 9:30 rolled around there was about 200 people or so (my best guestimate) and the ceremonies began. The Mayor addressed the crowd followed by Warren Jones, Don Redman and Taylor Hardwick, the original Architect for Friendship Fountain and park.

For videos of the the Opening Ceremony speeches please visit YouTube.

Then as the Fountain jets began to ramp up the Mayor invited everyone to throw a coin for good luck into the Fountain (the City provided nickels to everyone) and with that the Music began and the Patriotic program began to run and you could hear the Ohhs and Ahhs as the different elements of the renovated Fountain began to show themselves.

I got to meet a number of folks during the Grand reopening, Beth Slater (twitter newzgrrl) and her boyfriend and Carrie (twitter CarrieMcLaren) and her Husband as well as a dozen others… Folks I am notoriously bad about names and faces so I apologize if I met you yesterday and didn’t mention you by name.

Two new additions to the Fountain landscape were unveiled yesterday, two plaques placed in the North West and North East corners.

All in all I thought it was a great day for the City of Jacksonville and Friendship Fountain.

To see all the pictures I took just visit this link.

The current plans are for the patriotic program to be run each evening from 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM and from past experience you do not want to miss getting to see the Fountain in full color at night.

Speaking of night time my wife and I took a trip back down to the Fountain last evening and we were amazed when we arrived as there had to have been 200 – 300 people all around the Fountain, every bench was occupied, couples and families were sprawled out on the grass on all sides of the Fountain, it was simply amazing at the number of people that were present.

Kids were playing everywhere and everyone seemed to be taking pictures of either the Fountain or of Friends or loved ones using the Fountain as a back drop, it was simply amazing…


Jacksonville please welcome back Your Fountain with it’s New renovated Park and I hope that you not only get a chance to visit but visit often and enjoy.

Also don’t forget that this is Your Fountain and property and if you note anything that needs attention please let the City know or at least let me know so it can be passed on, it is up to Us to make sure our property is maintained and operated properly 🙂

Till next time,