Southbank Riverwalk Demolition to Resume

Looks like the Southbank Riverwalk Reconstruction is finally getting back on track this week…

From the Public Affairs Office City of Jacksonville, FL

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Feb. 3, 2014 The Southbank Riverwalk Project demolition will continue the week of Feb. 3, with the removal of the remaining structures of the former Maritime Museum, located adjacent to Friendship Fountain.  The subsequent demolition of the pavilion and former Jacksonville Historical Society building will take place in several overlapping phases with sections of the Riverwalk being demolished and re-built. In the interest of public safety and construction access, mostof the Riverwalk will be inaccessible for several months at a time during the phases of construction. Expected project completion is December 2014.

The new Riverwalk construction will consist of the following:

·         Approximately 3,000 linear feet of new pre-cast concrete piles and decking

·         Approximately 53,000 square feet of colored brick pavers on top of a pre-cast concrete deck.

·         5,600 linear feet of new steel guardrails along the entire stretch of new boardwalk

·         New light poles with energy-efficient LED lighting

·         New in-ground lighting, new steel benches, trash receptacles, pet stations, flagpoles, bike racks and new drinking fountains

·         Reconstruction of the Navy Memorial feature

·         New floating docks

·         ADA compliant

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