Southbank Riverwalk – Things they are a changing…

The demolition of the former Maritime Museum is moving right along and soon the view of the Southbank Riverwalk will change for all time…  Southbank Riverwalk changes









The upper level skin has been removed and the front of the building has all but been removed.Former Maritime Museum

Once the Former Maritime Museum is removed work will begin on the building on the east side of the bridge and once completed the Riverwalk will be opened back to traffic until after the Florida – Georgia game


Former Maritime Museum - Viewed from the Main Street BridgeFormer Maritime Museum – Viewed from the Main Street Bridge

Former Maritime Museum 1

















We will be adding pictures of the progress in the Southbank Riverwalk reconstruction over time and those can be viewed here.

While I was down taking these pictures I took some time to walk around Friendship Fountain and I am pleased to report that a little over 2 years has passed since the Fountain Refurb and the Fountain and Park both look in very good shape.

I also couldn’t help but notice that even on a 90 degree afternoon it was quite pleasant under the trees adjacent to the Pergola.  Fountain Shade

Friendship Fountain images from 2013 can be viewed here.

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