Southbank Riverwalk – Phase I Demolition

The first step of the Southbank Riverwalk Reconstruction is deconstruction or demolition and the first to go is the building that sat at the Foot of the Main Street bridge on the west side, the Former home to the Jacksonville Maritime Museum, which is now located in the Jacksonville Landing.

















Above shows the dramatic difference with the removal of the building.

As a result of completion of this step the Southbank Riverwalk has been reopened to foot traffic from Friendship Fountain.  The next step should be the demolition of the building on the east foot of the Main Street Bridge.  I am unsure of the plans for the next step which will be the removal of the building on the East foot of the Main Street Bridge, due to promises to have the Riverwalk open during the Florida – Georgia and Gator Bowl games…

Some additional images of the various steps in the removal of the former Maritime Museum building are below as well in albums in the JaxFountain Image gallery.

















The view from the Main Street Bridge has already changed as a result of the removal of this piece of the Riverwalk landscape…

This is a great time to visit Friendship Fountain, the temperatures are cooling but it is warm enough for a very nice afternoon picnic or just a stroll.  And on Friday evenings the Fountain is Dressed in Teal to show support for our Jaguars.  So please stop on by anytime and enjoy a pleasant afternoon or evening at Friendship Fountain.

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