Southbank Riverwalk to only be Partially replaced?

Headline from Action News this morning…

“No Money for Jacksonville Riverwalk buildout”

Action News has learned there isn’t enough money to complete work on the Riverwalk.

But councilman John Crescimbeni found out Wednesday that there’s a problem.

“This one takes the cake,” said Crescimbeni.

There isn’t enough money in the budget to rebuild the entire stretch from Friendship Fountain to the Southbank. “What they’re … going to do is demolish all of it and only rebuild a portion of it. That’s one of the wackiest things I’ve ever heard,” said Crescimbeni.

During the Project Kick-off ceremony I had heard some mumblings that there may be a money shortfall however I was under the impression that the money for the full project had been allocated at one time.

If that is true then what happened to the funds that were allocated for the Southbank Riverwalk project originally and if not why was this not made clear from the start?  There does not appear to be any mention of lack of funds in the original announcements?

A City spokesman, according to the Action News story today, claims this was discussed back in August or September however there certainly is no mention of this in the original announcements that I can find…

I visited the area this past Friday and the demolition is well on track as the second building at the foot of the Main Street Bridge has all but been removed and it appears that portions of the Riverwalk are now being removed.

Southbank Demolition



Southbank Demolition















I urge everyone to contact their City Council Member and the Mayor and impress upon them how important it is to complete the Southbank Reconstruction in it’s entirety.

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